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Russell "Raz" Holder

Russell Holder's Professional Identity Home Page

Russell Holder

Professional Identity Page


Russell Holder
P.O.Box 211
West Sacramento, CA 95691



Twenty-five years' experience in all aspects of software development, including internal and external functional specification, design, programming, testing, configuration management, factory acceptance testing, troubleshooting, installation, user support, system administration, technical writing, training and presentations to customers.

Languages, H/W, S/W, OS

  • Web publishing
      (professional and avocational)
  • HTML, CSS, Java, .asp, .php
  • Front Page 98
  • MS Developer Studio
  • C++ programming (MSVC2.1,...,6.0)
  • Select OMT for OOA & OOD
  • C, FORTRAN, Pascal, PL/M
  • Assembly Language
  • Script: C & Bourne & bash shells, WRQ, MS92
  • Version Control: MSVC, PVCS, CVS
  • Netscape Communications/Fasttrack servers & API
  • Client/server: Z39.50,.70, SQL
  • MS-DOS, Windows: 3x,WfW,W9x,NT,W2K, Cygwin,...
  • Intel 80XX,..., Motorola 68XX, Zilog Z-80, RCA 1802
  • Sun (SunOS 5.7)
  • DEC PDP-11, VAX-11/785
  • HP-3000 (HP-UX)
  • IBM 360, MODELS 20 & 40
  • Univac 1108

  • Education

    University of California at Santa Cruz, Bachelor's (w/honors): Math & Computer Science, 1976
    COMPAQ Computer Corporation: 80286/80386 Microprocessor Architecture
    COMPAQ Computer Corporation: ISA/EISA Bus Architecture
    INTEL: 8080/8085 Microprocessor Architecture

    Interesting, Exciting & Always Challenging Professional Experiences

    2007 - present    Webmaster, West Sacramento, CA
             2012 - present    Haustyle Custom Motorcycles - Rancho Cordova, CA
    A full on custom motorcycle builder, website residing at implemented with HTML, php and some Java.
             2011 - present    Sharon Holder - Lyon Real Estate - greater Sacramento area, CA
    A local Realtor (real estate agent) since 2001, website residing at implemented with Agent Achieve and framed in pages from Sharon's personal website residing at; personal website implemented with HTML with some Java.
             2011 - present    Irongate Motorcycle Apparel, Woodland, CA
    A motorcycle apparel and helmet retail business, website residing at implemented with straight HTML with some Java with the following pages: Home, About Us, Products (with sub-pages), Photos, Links, Location, Contact Us.
             2011 - present    Slabsides Motorcycle Service, Campbell, CA
    A (south) bay area motorcycle service shop, website residing at implemented with straight HTML with some Java with the following pages: Home, About Us, Service, Parts, For Sale, Events, Photos, Links, Hours, Location, Contact Us.
             2011 - present    Mid-Cal Cycle, West Sacramento, CA
    A local motorcycle service shop, website residing at implemented with straight HTML with some Java with the following pages: Home, About Us, Service, Parts, For Sale, Events, Photos, Links, Hours, Location, Contact Us.
             2010 - present    Sunset Design Company Tattoo Parlor, Sacramento, CA
    A local tattoo parlor, website residing at implemented with straight HTML with some Java with the following pages: Home, Menu, Events, Photos, Links, About Us, Contact Us.
             2010 - 2011    Motorcycle Consignments Plus    Sacramento, CA
    A local business (out of business April 2011), the website was straight HTML with some java; site provided a home page and pages for consignments (motorcycle descriptions and pictures (thumbnails and large pictures), contact us, events (e.g., anniversary party flyer), faq, location (including map), parts (manufacturers MCCP was a distributor for), pictures (e.g., Christmas party), service (description of services for American and metric motorcycles), staff (photos, job descriptions, contact info), toa (terms of agreement (for a consignment sale)), April 2010 through April 2011.
             2010 - present    Hog Wild Bar-B-Que, Placeerville, CA
    A local restaurant featuring Hot Rod Nights and Cool Bike Nights, website residing at implemented with straight HTML with some Java with the following pages: Home, Portfolios, Events & Specials, T-Shirts, Contact Us.

    2010 - 2011    Thunder Roads Magazine NorCal
    Performed website maintenance and enhancement from September 2010 through June 2011.
             2009 - present    John A. Sutter Outpost 1841    Sacramento, CA
    John A. Sutter Outpost 1841, a local historical preservation organization, is a local Non-Profit Organization residing at, the web site is implemented with .php and uses CSS, java, common include files, and a SQL database for member only areas and for administrative forms created for board members; this sights also uses analytics.

    2007 - present    River City Harley Riders    Sacramento, CA
    River City Harley Riders was formerly Sacramento Harley Owners Group until 31DEC2008, now, a local Non-Profit Organization residing at, the web site is implemented with .php and uses CSS, java, common include files, and a SQL database for member only areas and for administrative forms created for board members; this sights also uses analytics.
    2010 - present        Thunder Roads Magazine NorCal     Sacramento, CA
    Advertising Sales Representative, article and story contributor, photographer for the fastest growing "biker publication" in the nation; contacts and distribution locations in all the northern California Harley dealerships, many motorcycle shops, bars, restaurants, tattoo parlors, etc., and, attend events on the weekends to provide magazines directly to to riders; area of travel covers Monterey through Fresno to Nevada north to the Oregon Border with contacts in western Nevada and Southern Oregon.
    2004 - 2009        ADT Security Services     Sacramento, CA

    ADT Security Services provides residential and commercial security services from installation to monitoring and maintenance. Responsibilities included ordering, receiving, distributing, returning, costing product that came into and went out of the Sacramento branch warehouse which contained approximately one million dollars worth of standard and custom ordered product for installation and maintenance technicians.
    2000 - 2003        Foresight Systems, Inc.     Austin, TX

    Foresight Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer of the SavanSys and Foresight tool suites. Responsible for the maintenance and enhancement of SavanSys, a software application providing our consultants and customers the ability to build and analyze virtual prototypes of today's leading edge electronic products. In 1992, initial development began for Multi-Chip-Module (MCM) and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) virtual prototyping in a UNIX environment; the tool has since been ported to Windows NT and expanded to model all aspects of substrate fabrication, module assembly, and chip preparation. The SavanSys tool produces a multitude of analysis Size, Routability, Placement, Partitioning, Critical Net, Electrical, Thermal, Cost, Yield and Reliability. Information can be imported and exported in a variety of formats appropriate for other software applications, e.g., Mentor Graphics' Board Station and Microsoft's Excel. Use of this tool, depending on unit cost, unit life, and per-unit savings, literally saves customers millions of dollars!

    1999 - 2000     Polycom, Inc.     Austin, TX



    Polycom, Inc. is a manufacturer of audio and televideo conferencing equipment. Polycom recently began developing a PC based product that operates via the USB on a Windows 98 or a Windows 2000 operating system. A few of my contributions follow. Produced the first draft InstallShield for Windows Installer for the application. Coded a Filter Graph Manager, including a parser which accepts a file that defines how the filters will be connected. Produced the Ring-3 code that retrieves data from the USB driver and concatenates it into data packets which can be sent to an audio or a video decoder. Interfaced Apple's Quicktime libraries to the application. Have also produced a variety of methods which interrogate the system and/or registry to determine the suitability for the application such as display, driver and USB chip set capabilities, and, which process device state change messages.

    1994 - 1999     Data Research Associates     Monterey, CA




    May 17, 2001: Sirsi To Acquire Data Research Associates
    The Monterey office is a branch of DRA a St. Louis based Corporation, is a leading provider of client/server library automation systems, networking services and other related services. Libraries have been an information source for a long time, and, (in my opinion) DRA is contributing greatly to making said wealth of information available not only within libraries for libraries and their patrons, but, for other networked libraries via DRANET and including other libraries on the world wide web via DRAWEB, and, DRA's newest product, Taos, is a three-tiered, object-oriented (C++ and Java), standards-based system, WISRD. multi-component package, combining DRA Web2, Circulation, and Cataloging. DRA Web2 is a web-based client/server application enabling patrons to obtain information and status via the World Wide Web. My task is customizing the standard DRA Web2 product to interface with a non-standard system letting users access any Z39.50-compatible database from any World Wide Web browser such as Netscape, Mosaic, Lynx or Internet Explorer, for example, the Tempe Public Library uses Web2 as released for web based online catalog access (guest login), and, the Millburn Free Public Library customized the released Web2 guest login). DRA Web2 functionality includes: portability to multiple server platforms (including Open VMS, UNIX and Windows NT), simultaneous searching of multiple resources, merging of such search results into a single display, saving of search results, and, ability to provide patron self-service functions via PIN access -- such as placing requests, reviewing checked-out materials and changing personal address information. This requires customized HTML supported by CGI programs which communicate with a Z39.50 compliant server. Internet development work also includes Application Programming Interface (API) for Netscape's Communications and Fasttrack servers, and, the Microsoft Internet Information Server. Other responsibilities include enhancing and maintaining PC based products (the MARC Editor, DRAFind - a Z39.50-compliant and Microsoft Windows-based reference workstation, DRAKids - a Z39.50-compliant interface designed specially to alleviate problems children might have with other, more complicated, user interfaces. and, a CGI/API/HTML client/server application for patrons to obtain information and status via the world wide web.

    1991 - 1993     AQUASTRADA INTERNATIONAL CORP     Monterey, CA

    more pictures... 


    One of the four co-patent holders for an amphibious vehicle:
  • P/N5,590,617 [ full text ] - land motive device and a marine motive device.
  • P/N5,570,653 [ full text ] - wheels are retracted and secured during marine operation.
  • P/N5,562,066 [ full text ] - detection of sufficient thrust to . . .
    Project Engineer responsible for an onboard computer system for an amphibious craft , viz., an amphibious special operations craft (ASOC) (17Kb sketch). This includes craft and system diagnostics, and, interfaces with various OEM components, for example, GPS, fluxgate compass, radar, touch screen video monitor.
    There was much hands on work in the ground up construction of the prototype from conceptualization and modeling through shake down cruises, sea trials and sales presentations to the military and interested manufacturers and investors during which time it became obvious that there were, in addition to the obvious military applications, many other uses ranging from civil to recreational.
    This exciting craft has been featured in the Monterey Herald, Popular Mechanics (corrected local copy), CNN (corrected local copy) and numerous TV and boat shows.

  • 1989 - 1991     COMPAQ COMPUTER CORPORATION     Houston, Texas


    Senior Software Engineer - Advanced Architecture Department, tested current and future products to verify the integrity and systems level compatibility of integrated circuits (IC), and, application specific integrated circuits (ASIC). Worked closely with hardware engineers to design and implement software and hardware to test ICs and ASICs. Some ICs, for example, a real time clock or an interrupt controller, were testable with a self driven test run on the system. Some ASICs, for example, a disk array controller, required the development of device specific emulators including onboard firmware and host resident user interface software. All software was written in C and maintained under version control.

    1987 - 1989     FERRANTI INTERNATIONAL CONTROLS (Formerly TRW Controls)     Sugarland, Texas


    update: Bailey Controls acquires Ferranti International Controls.
    Lead Software Engineer, designed, documented, coded and integrated tasks for electrical utility Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. PL/M code for the Intel executive was developed on an Intel based XENIX system via an IBM-PC/AT and targeted for an Intel 80386 multi-processor environment.

    1985 - 1987     HHH Company     Houston, Texas






    Consulting company (owner):
    • Most of this time was spent with NL Industries in the explorational drilling R&D department as follows:
      • Worked on a VAX-11/785 enhancing and resolving problems in existing Fortran software targeted for a PDP-11, and in existing RCA1802 assembly language software.
      • Developed custom data acquisition systems also targeted for a PDP-11.
      • Performed PDP-11 system generations.
      • Developed a data acquisition system to run on an 8086 in assembly language and 'C'.
    • Other short term work includes Micro Link, Reliability Incorporated., and Daniels Incorporated, respectively:
      • Developed an operating system to run on an 8096 SBC.
      • Developed a system monitor to run on an 8085 single board computer (SBC).
      • Customized natural gas SCADA systems on an 8086 SBC and performed in house factory acceptance testing (and code fixes as needed) for Pacific Gas & Electric, Moss Landing Facility.
    1983 - 1985     Exploration Logging (EXLOG)     Sacramento, CA

    October 1986: Baker merged Exploration Logging (a division of "Baker" a.k.a. "Baker Hughes" as in Hughes Tools) with Technical Oil Tool Corporation (TOTCO) producing EXLOG/TOTCO.
    Senior Software Engineer Resolved existing problems and incorporated enhancements to both of Exlog's RCA 1802 microprocessor down hole tools used to sample, average, store and transmit sensor data in real time, viz., the "downhole logging while drilling" (DLWD) and the "downhole measurement while drilling" (DMWD) tools. Work was in close association with hardware and mechanical engineers. Other responsibilities included preliminary design and specification of the next generation 16-bit DLWD tool as well as selection of its development system.
    1984               Advanced Wilderness First Aid     Sacramento, CA

    Completed a course in Advanced Wilderness First Aid offered by an in house EMT. Each class consisted of lecture time, hands on training and a practical (complete with moulage kit). The mid-term included working with the local fire department in extrication and rappelling exercises. The final was in two parts, written (with brief practicals), and, an all-day practical in the field consisting of many scenarios (complete with an army medevac helicopter).

    1982 - 1983           Unique Motorcars, Inc.     Tempe, AZ
      Partner in this company building 427 reporduction Cobras. Would you like to know more?
    email me:

    1979 - 1983     GOULD/MILLENNIUM     Santa Clara, CA

    update: eventually, the combination of Gould/Millennium and Gould/Biomation to form Gould Test Instruments was completed; and "Gould" has, apparently, continued to acquire smaller companies, e.g., Nicolet Instrument Technologies and Bakker Electronics; and, Gould Test Instruments has since become Gould Instrument Systems.
    Millennium Systems, Inc. was purchased by Gould and combined with Biomation (which Gould also purchased) and the transition from Millennium (in Cupertino) to Gould Test Instruments (in Santa Clara) began. Functioned as lead engineer responsible for incorporating a logic analyzer option, including wave form graphics, into a microprocessor development system. Created and integrated loadable modules written in C to interface the user to a CP/M based Human Interface Processor (HIP) to support various displays and to communicate with an Emulator Subsystem (ESS). Additionally created and integrated a module written in Z80 assembly language to interface the logic analyzer hardware with the existing ESS software (HIP and ESS ran on separate CPUs and communicated via a high speed bus). Also modified a Televideo 950 PROM set to support the defined waveform graphics.

    Senior Software Engineer; Responsible for maintenance and production release the extended I/O system for Digital Research's multitasking operating system, MP/M. Developed the basic I/O system for Digital Research's single-user, single-tasking operating system, CP/M. Developed a customized version of Word Star, a screen editor (on a Z80) for use on Millennium's Microprocessor Development System Model 9520. Developed a basic I/O system for Digital Research's singly-user, single-tasking operating system, CP/M. Also programmed in 8085 assembly language.

    Software Engineer; Responsible for the maintenance and production release of the software for a MicroSystem Analyzer (µSA) with signature analysis and for a MicroSystem Emulator (µSE) with real-time trace, both coded in 6800 assembly language. Both the µSA and the µSE emulation capabilities include support for a variety of microprocessors, for example, Intel (8048 family, 8080, 8085), Motorola (6800), Zilog (Z80), etc. Also, for both units, implemented a COMM/RAM option which supports full duplex communications and has 8K-bytes of mappable RAM. Also designed, implemented and released the following:

    • A host resident, on-line, file driven software acceptance test driver for the µSA and both µSE's.
    • A communications link for the OEM version of the µSE (6800 assembly language).
    • A universal disassembler and keyboard command line processor.
    • A remote terminal and 8K RAM expansion board.
    • A line printer interface.

    1976 - 1978     MOORE SYSTEMS     San Jose, CA

    update: apparently, Landis & Staefa , a division of Siemens , acquired Landis & Gyr
    Programmer Analyst. Later Moore Systems was bought by Landis & Gyr. Designed, programmed, debugged and documented Moore's first micro-processor- based product, a data logger, a highly sequential, duplex system which monitored a master/remote communication line and logged indication changes, abnormal and telemetry data. Implemented this product on an Intel SBC 80/10 with a GE Terminet using 80/80 assembly language. Additionally designed, programmed, debugged and documented a second microprocessor based product, a "Smart Remote" for use with a Standard Energy Management SCADA System using 8085 assembly language. Wrote Fortran diagnostics for these remotes which ran on the front end processors for the system, multiply DEC PDP 11/34s.

    Prepared and presented oral/written lectures to clients. Wrote functional specifications of various client specific software modules, and, if appropriate, their associated data base structures to be incorporated into the Standard Energy Management System. Worked closely with hardware R&D engineers to guarantee the successful outcome of joint hardware/software projects. Prepared functional specifications for small microprocessor projects to be coded by junior programmers.

    1971 - 1973     MOORE SYSTEMS     Sunnyvale, CA
    update: apparently, Landis & Gyr acquired Moore Systems from Rucker
    Electrical Technician. In these days, Moore Systems was owned by Rucker. The company was a SCADA house with a complete manufacturing department including everything from component stuffing in PCB's to RTU assembly. My responsibilities primarily included installing rack mounted assemblies and following schematics to wire them. Customers primarily included electric utilities companies, e.g., Florida Lighting & Power.

    A few interesting places ...