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<NEW>Mid-Cal Cycle, West Sacramento - Full Service, Monthly Maintenance, Customizing, Custom Builds, Mounting & Balancing Tires
<TripCheck> Oregon TripCheck - Road Cams, Road & Weather Conditions - ODOT
Honor The Fallen
Pro Med Kits
<Motorcycle Consignments Plus> Motorcycle Consignments Plus - 2499 ARDEN WAY, Sacramento
Clinton's Custom Cycle - 555 G Street, Lincoln
<BACHMANS> Bachman's Custom Cycles - 2000 East Main Street Suite E, Woodland
Horse Power Express - 963 Camden Ave, Campbell Ca
     - Bruce was mechanic at Sam Arena's HD San Jose in 70's, a good wrench, also does gear drive cams
         and dyno tuning, questions/reference:

     - 04 FLSTHCI Stock & SE Stage I dyno chart (22MAY05, 916 miles)
      - 04 FLSTHCI Andrews 26G Gear Drive Cam dyno chart (23JAN08, 16920 miles)
        - 04 FLSTHCI Andrews 26G Gear Drive Cam dyno map (23JAN08, 16920 miles)
      - carburated (naturally aspirated) 02 FLSTHC S&S 510 Gear Drive Cam dyno chart (GaryK, 20JUL10, 34K miles)
<CA DOT> Division of Traffic Operations - Road Information - California Highway Information
CHP Traffic Incident Information Page
<Warriors Watch> Warriors Watch Riders
- Pin Up Calendars for Vets - Benefit Calendar for Veterans Hospitals
Patriot Guard Riders
Threads International - name tags, etc
Flag Pole To Go - poles and flags
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<ECV> ECV®: John A. Sutter Outpost #1841

Southern California Harley Riders Association

Auburn H-D
- Auburn HOG Chapter -> Gold Country Harley Riders
Folsom H-D
- Folsom HOG Chapter
Guidera H-D (Yuba City)
- Guidera HOG Chapter (Yuba City)
Amador County H-D (Jackson)
- Mother Lode HOG Chapter (Jackson)
Jamestown H-D
- Jamestown HOG Chapter
Modesto H-D
- Modesto HOG Chapter
Rocklin H-D
- Rocklin HOG Chapter
Vacaville H-D
- Vacaville HOG Chapter
Vallejo H-D
- Vallejo HOG Chapter

D&S Harley-Davidson - Medford (Phoenix), Oregon
- Visited in May, 1982, re-visited September, 2009
  - D&S's recording of the visits on their community page
- do stop in
Zanotti Motor Co - Butler, Pennsylvania
- check out their prices!!!
Santa Maria Harley-Davidson - Santa maria, California
- they may have your hard-to-find part...
Chicago Harley-Davidson - Chicago, Illinois
- check out prices here too...
Barnett Harley-Davidson - El Paso, Texas
- Shovelheads
- Vintage tin
Bruce Rossmeyer's Daytona Harley-Davidson - Ormond Beach, Florida
- WORLD'S LARGEST INVENTORY, & multiple dealership locations
Skip Fordyce Harley-Davidson - Riverside, California

Harley-Davidson Site
National HOG Site