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Nelsons Grove, Woodland

~ 3,4,5,6APR14 ~

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April 8 at 3:08pm
awesome time at the charter doin's...tired, but happy


April 7 at 12:47am
(Humbug's comment: some photos by JohnF are included in the Saturday, April 5th photos)
Road trip Statistics: traveled 1100+ miles, most pulling the Cardinal Jewel. Visited 9 Elks Lodges (plus 2 that were closed). Visited 2 State Historic Parks. Visited the E Clampus Vitus "Wall of Comparative Ovations" and the Old Timer's Museum in Murphys. Visited the Native Sons of the Golden West Museum in Columbia. Countless ECV monuments seen, including "Inspiration Point", a multi chapter monument dedicated to Carl Wheat for reviving ECV in California. And I became a proud Charter Member of the John A. Sutter Chapter 1841 of E Clampus Vitus.

It was a Satisfactory adventure to say the least.


April 6 at 8:11pm
Thanks for the Satisfactory party brothers! Had a great time!

Extra thanks to DavidB KevinJ MarkJ JoannJ and GeneJ for the hospitality and royal treatment! You all helped make it a success for us too! :) feeling loved.


April 6 at 6:39pm


April 6 at 2:47pm
Clamp Satisfactory!


April 6 at 6:59pm
(Humbug's comment: some photos by LyleD are included in the Saturday, April 5th photos)
I'd like to thank Brothers DaveC, DavidG, LarryV, and TonyR for your help for Security @ the Sutter Chartering this past 4 days. It was a lot of leg work and I know my dogs are killing me but its always worth helping out our Brothers from other areas. Thanks again.


April 5 at 9:26am
(Humbug's comment: Kevin is an enthusiastic redshirt in good standing; we didn't "beat him up" verbally and he dint "beat us up" verbally at the doins or in his internet post... )
Went for a bit no pictures of the Salinas family nor Ed Lucky or any of thw so called outlawed brother's! Was surprised to see so many people there that I knew Sneaker Fupa a lot of good people introduced myself as Kevin after a bit told them I was the Vice Bug of 169 when it was brought up at the registration they let me walk around and see all that was going on inside without paying a rub met the Bug of 1841 Christ was his handle talked to him about clamping and other shit they had going on honestly treated me better than I thought they would! I stood my ground on my feeling for 169 and they were respectful and for 5 and 1849 they had no bad things to say...

Right arm up!

Aint no reason to lie about the experience you guys didn't give me the boot when I told you who I was and it was a nice conversation with a bunch of subjects and Russell Holder answered a lot of questions I asked so right arm up for that!


April 2 at 9:48pm
(Humbug's comment: some photos by LyleD are included in the Saturday, April 5th photos)
Sutter......Here we come !!!!
photograph by BobF

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