The purpose of this document is to be an aid in learning how to create HTML (hypertext markup language) documents. In addition to the basic fundamentals of HTML, you will find templates to help you get started on a personal home page, a resume home page, a corporate home page, and a local page to link to frequently visited sites.

Individual browsers may support specific tags in different ways. It is a good idea to view your page with different browsers to see how your tags are translated.

When you come across a page you like on the web, take a look at their source code to see how it was created. To do this, click View on your toolbar and Document Source in the pulldown menu.

Play, have fun, and learn!

Course Outline:

Further Reading

A number of good tutorials exist online. These offer much more detail and explanation than this document. Also note that HTML is an evolving language, and thus new capabilities are added with each version.

Some good sources of information are:

Even more sources of information can be found here:

Some Internet HTML books are available in the old processed dead tree medium (paper), on CD, or, online; some are free and some advertise books for sale. For instance,

Training / Certification

Monterey and San Francisco Bay Area Training Companies

Monterey and San Francisco Bay Area Certification Testing Companies

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