HTML References

ZDNet's html reference
Reference to references
HTML Basic Document
HTML Reference Guide
Hypertext Markup Language - 2.0
HTML Tutorial
The URL-minder: Your Own Personal Web Robot!
----------------------- 10 ----------------------
HTML quick reference (Univ. Kansas)
Bare Bones Guide to HTML Cheat sheet of HTML tags by Kevin Werbach
NCSA Beginners Guide to HTML and FAQ
HTML Quick Reference (including Netscape extensions)
HTML Quick Reference (including Explorer and Netscape extensions)
HTML Quick Reference (including Explorer and Netscape extensions) <obsolete>
HTML Tutorial from APU
Yahoo Web Tutorials collection
----------------------- 9 -----------------------
Univ. Texas - Learning to Publish - Learning HTML
----------------------- 5 -----------------------
NetscapeWorld - Making Sense out of the latest HTML - July 1997
Introduction to HTML: Table of Contents
Web Communications HTML Guide
HTML 3.2
----------------------- 4 -----------------------
Web Design & Publishing tutorial by the School Education and Information Technology Division Partnership at the University of Michigan
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet: Internet: World Wide Web
Walt Howe's Internet Learning Center: Resources for Training
computer based training, success in education, distance learning for business from a computer
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Crash course on writing documents for the Web - down
HTML By Example ch18fi.htm
HTML Elements
Basic HTML Tags prepared by Delta College Employee Computer Training Center

other HTML --------------------

Special characters
META - Meta-information
Html color definitions
Color resources
Graphic tools
Sharky's Netscape Frames Tutorial
DRAFT of HTML 4.0 Press Release: W3C Issues (Cascading) Style Sheets Recommendation

more links --------------------

Learning HTML
HTML Writers Guild
NC State Univ. Training Resources Bookmarks
Math and CS, BGU - Manuals
Employee Computer Training Center - WWW Resources
NETTRAIN Home Page - down

other WEB topics --------------

Netscape Programmer's Guide (for your server)
CNET resources - tech central - technical advisers - Errors
Status codes in HTTP
System Errors - Alphabetical Order
System Errors - Numerical Order
Error Codes
Java Applets
Writing Java(tm) Programs
Writing Java(tm) Programs
Scientific Information Components using Java/XML

Learning on the WEB -----------

Practical Guide to Teaching With the WWW
Delivering Instruction on the World Wide Web

trick of choping of end of URL until page is fetched

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