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Russell "Raz" Holder

Russell Holder's <I>Alternate</I> Professional Identity Home Page

Russell Holder

Alternate Professional Identity Page


Russell Holder
P.O.Box 211
West Sacramento, CA 95691



Over twenty years' experience consulting for various corporations and agencies in all aspects of software development, including internal and external functional specification, design, programming, testing, configuration management, factory acceptance testing, troubleshooting, installation, user support, system administration, technical writing, training and presentations to clients.

Interesting, Exciting & Always Challenging Alternate Professional Experiences

2007 - present    West Sacramento, CA

see: recent/current/present "work"

1994 - 1999     Cyberdyne Systems     Annandale, MD



warning: skynet has been showing signs of self awareness...

Cyberdyne Systems, initially a "beltway bandit" manufacturing company, grew into a major defense contractor building stealth fleet vehicles and missile defense systems.

Director of Special Projects

Responsible for the design and development Skynet, a revolutionary artificial intelligence computer system for supervisory control and data acquisition developed for the U.S. military and built for SAC-NORAD. Skynet is a "Global Digital Defense Network" given command over all computerized military hardware and systems, including the B-2 stealth bomber fleet and America's entire nuclear weapons arsenal. The strategy behind Skynet's creation was to remove the possibility of human error and slow reaction time to guarantee a fast, efficient \response to an enemy attack.

This project includes the development and successfull launch into space of an advanced multi-satellite constellation that greatly improves the ability of military forces to communicate around the globe, e.g., to handle secure traffic for military forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Control centers were updated and replaced, and the major antennas and terminals used by military ships, land vehicles and planes to communicate through the satellites now pass much more data, faster between command centers. The bandwidth capacity easily surpasses the current multi-satellite constellation, whose spacecraft are coming to the end of their design lives. Skynet is about two-and-a-half-times more capable than the previous system, and it also gives us the ability to use not just voice communication but also data communication, i.e., computers can talk directly to computers, as well giving us pictures and real-time video images.

1989 - 1994     Hyperdyne Systems     Walker Mill, MD


update: Borgia Industries, both a martial and diplomatic military corporation, has since acquired Weyland-Yutani; Borgia Industries is a major conglomerate responsible for the distribution of technology, later known as Neonoplis.

Weyland is a multi-national corp with current stock worth of $218 trillion specializing and developing in major advancements in technology such as holographics, FTL travel, and others which are consolidated into seven verticals: health, transportation, energy, electronics, terraforming, security, and cybernetics; Weyland Industries/Weyland Corp acquired Yutani Corporation thus forming the Weyland-Yutani Corporation.

Yutani, a Japanese corporation, acquired a Yautja plasma caster and used it to advance human technology. later,

Lead Software Engineer

Spectagraph: Design and develop the software for this tool used by Weyland geologists and engineers to sample, average, store, and survey unknown terrain, and, transmit sensor data in real time during the pre-terraforming process. An omni-directional laser live-maps 3D topography and sends the detailed scanned images to the monitoring station. Work was in close association with hardware and mechanical engineers. Other responsibilities included preliminary design and specification of the next generation next-generation device.

Weyland Modular Computing Device (WMCD): WMCD can provide audio, visual and kinesthetic enhancement to any room, anywhere. The WMCD picks up live video feeds from a remote receiver and fills any space with the sights and sounds of that environment in real-time. The WMCD can also recreate a full-surround environment of a specific location from any point in time for academic study or personal entertainment.
1985 - 1989     Tyrell/Nexus     Beltsville, MD


update: eventually, the combination of Tyrell and Nexus was combined with additional smaller companies acquired by TriOptimum, e.g., Nicolet Technologies and Bakker Electronics; and, TriOptimum has since become a leader in military, sience and consumer products..

Nexus Systems, Inc. was purchased by Tyrell. Functioned as lead engineer responsible for a the creation of an automaton indistinguisnable from its human model; incorporated a watch-dog timer to prevent run-away processing.

Senior Software Engineer; Responsible for maintenance and production release of the basic and extended I/O system for Nexus's multitasking robotic system. Developed a customized version of Nexus's Development System Model 9520, programmed in Z-80 and 8085 assembly language.

Software Engineer; Responsible for the maintenance and production release of the software for a microprocessor based analysis system with "thought" analysis and for a microprocessor based emulation system with real-time "thought" processing, both coded in 6800 assembly language. Both these systems' capabilities include support for a variety of microprocessor based robotics. Also, implemented a COMM/RAM option which supports full duplex communications and has 8X-bytes of mappable RAM. Also designed, implemented and released the following:

  • A host resident, on-line, file driven software acceptance test driver.
  • A communications link for the OEM versions.
  • A universal disassembler and keyboard command line processor.
  • A remote terminal and 8X RAM expansion.

1980 - 1985     Omni Consumer Products     Rockville, MD


Omni Consumer Products (OCP) purchased Millennium Systems, Inc. and Biomation Inc. technologies from Gould Robotic Systems (in Santa Clara).
Software Engineer responsible for incorporating a logic analysis option, including creative thought processes, into a bionic compatible system. Created and integrated loadable modules written in C to interface the user to a CP/M based Human Interface Processor (HIP) to support various displays and to communicate with a monitoring console. Additionally created and integrated a module written in Z80 assembly language to interface the logic analysis hardware with the existing monitoring software which ran on separate CPUs and communicated via a high speed bus. Also modified a Televideo 950 PROM set to support the video input.

1976 - 1980     Falken Systems     McLean, MD


Programmer Analyst. Designed, programmed, debugged and documented Falken Systems' first probabilistic stocaic analysis program, War Operation Plan Response (WOPR), to predict possible outcomes of nuclear war; a highly sequential, duplex system which implements a form of artificial intelligence.

WOPR monitored multiple master/remote communication lines and logged indication changes, abnormal and telemetry data.WOPR was programmed to play numerous strategy games, ranging from the simplistic Tic-Tac-Toe to one called Global Thermonuclear War. WOPR was programmed with a level of sentience such that when prompted it responds to the name Jinny Lou, the name of a sweetheart from Spring Branch, Texas.

Implemented this program on a bi-quinary (Base-10) based (tube) computer with a combination of Fortran WAT-IV and assembly language..

Languages, H/W, S/W, OS

  • Web publishing
      (professional and avocational)
  • HTML, CSS, Java, .asp, .php
  • Front Page 98
  • MS Developer Studio
  • C++ programming (MSVC2.1,...,6.0)
  • Select OMT for OOA & OOD
  • C, FORTRAN, Pascal, PL/M
  • Assembly Language
  • Script: C & Bourne & bash shells, WRQ, MS92
  • Version Control: MSVC, PVCS, CVS
  • Netscape Communications/Fasttrack servers & API
  • Client/server: Z39.50,.70, SQL
  • MS-DOS, Windows: 3x,WfW,W9x,NT,W2K, Cygwin,...
  • Intel 80XX,..., Motorola 68XX, Zilog Z-80, RCA 1802
  • Sun (SunOS 5.7)
  • DEC PDP-11, VAX-11/785
  • HP-3000 (HP-UX)
  • IBM 360, MODELS 20 & 40
  • Univac 1108

  • Education

    University of California at Santa Cruz, Bachelor's (w/honors): Math & Computer Science, 1976
    COMPAQ Computer Corporation: 80286/80386 Microprocessor Architecture
    COMPAQ Computer Corporation: ISA/EISA Bus Architecture
    INTEL: 8080/8085 Microprocessor Architecture

    That's all folks!