The truth... what is "the truth"?

There is the lawyer's truth: "the truth and nothing but the truth.

There is the judge's truth: "the truth and nothing but the truth, and, the whole truth.

So, what follows on this page... "It's the TRUTH" and to the best of my knowledge in a libel/slander case "The truth is the ONLY affirmative defense".

Michael Lopez

How could I forget Mike Lopez? On Jan 20, 2012 Mike said "I'm not doing this to you because I don't like you it's about the business". Ain't that one 20yrs out dated? On Jan 24, 2012 when I was "FIRED" he said just before I walked out the door for ever, "Guuud Luuck".

Jeff Teerlink

Let's not stop telling the TRUTH. Another is Jeff Teerlink DM Flt DZ. On Jan 23, 2012 he said "You're FIRED" and I walked out and he was laughing.
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