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~  WANTED  ~
12 Spoke Mags

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11APR12: 1 ea 16" 12 Spoke Mag Wheel, 1 ea 18" 12 Spoke Mag Wheel

Looking for 12 spoke mags for a build; also called Cal Mags after Performance Machine took over the production from American Racing; they were primarily used on gasser, model T, slingshot, AWB, AFX, dragster.


This is not an original idea, they have been around for a long time and have been used on bikes over the years... ACME was the pioneer of the 12 spoke wheels way back in the 1910's -1920's... they were 19" at that time but they never went into productiont

More recent applications include the Shovel pictured here with 12 spoke PM mag wheels...

and this Sportster with Radir spoke wheels and sprocket/brake setup; note, since machined to be fitted with a disc on one side, it would be no problem to fit them with an early drum/sprocket

NOT interested in the 10 staggered spokes (instead of 12) mags that have a really similar "look" from a V-Rod - had a really fat 18" (x 8" I think - takes a 240 tire) rear wheel and a 19" x 3" front wheel; these ran about $465 each retail brand new from you know who, and, probably could find take-offs or eBay ones cheaper, but, as I said not interested in these, primarily because the spokes are hollow... unacceptable!

Now, don't know anyone who has seen a 16" 12 spoke mag, but, read on a forum that Jesse J. got the molds for the 15"-16"-18" 12 spokes, and, another contributor said he was shown/saw all those patterns/molds upstairs on Jesse's balcony at WCC back in 2001, but he never said anything to anybody about them and always wondered if Jesse ever planned on making them again... maybe Jesse's post over at the HAMB verifying he has the molds is his way of feeling the crowd out on them; also, regarding the PM billit 12 spokes, PM said there were just too many machining steps that the wheels had to go thru to get the 12 spoke pattern therefore the machine time to make each wheel wouldn't make doing them profitable in production, but, there IS the Radir billet 12 spoke mag, but, ONLY in 18" x 3.5" wide shown here...

... but, Radir's are totally different that what PM's wheels were, the radir mags are spindle mount for cars and, although easy enough to use as a front spool wheel on a bike, would need to be adapted for for the rear on a bike... unless... as mentioned aboce, they were machined to be fitted with a disc on one side.. so it would be no problem to fit them with an early drum/sprocket... would have to see the wheel.

Here is a 15" PM(?) wheel with the disc/carrier like what was in their ads in the 70's - that's why I it's a PM, but, maybe not, and, it's aluminum - not magnesium, and, the 15" American Racing magnesium version very obvious with their name cast into it, only in a 15" and 18", and, this 18" wheel looks a little different and where you might have expected the American Racing name on them like their 15", but, all it has, is what looks like "PLN" could be PLH? .... (or, what looks like a "P" may be an "F"), but, as a super light wheel - magnesium is the material - wondering if they are Halibrand??? - also note the casting is a lot rougher on the rim between the spokes than the Americans...

... and, here's the markings on the American Racing 15" above...

... and, here's the other side the American Racing 15" above... came with the bolt pattern, and, the rim is also offset a little from the hub, i.e., the spokes on one side are near vertical and the other spokes are slightly stretched out on an angle, same as a PM wheel is, and, you could adapt a Harley Drum to it so as not to cover the other side with a disc (color patches are where started to bead blast, to see if would clean up - it will.

... reckon that settles what's on the "Fear No EVO" 100" Pan seen at Scotts Valley Motorcycle Service:
submitted by RuslH
wheel of a sling-shot dragster on 100cid Pan... img_4080.jpg... submitted by RuslH
submitted by RuslH
wheel of a sling-shot dragster on 100cid Pan... img_4081.jpg... submitted by RuslH
submitted by RuslH
on the fender of a 100cid Pan... img_4079.jpg... submitted by RuslH

... now, here's a few shots of a Performance Machine 15" 12 spoke chopper wheel...

... possibly cast from the modified molds used by American Racing for these 12 spoke spindle mount drag wheels...

Here's some more on the Radir 12 Spoke Spindle Mount Wheel:
  • Features a 1 Piece Cast aluminum Design.
  • Heat Treated for Strength and to maintain a mirror polished finish.
  • Available in Full polish (without the tarnishing headaches of magnesium) and "As cast" (original mag-look.)
  • *Will Accept Disk Brake kits including Wilwood,and Hurst/Airheart.*
  • The new 12 Spoke Spindle mount wheel is perfect for your traditional style hot rod, T-bucket or Drag Car.
  • Available only as a spindle mount Front Runner Size 18x3"
  • Available for Early Ford, Early Chevy Spindles and Total performance spindles.
  • *Also Available for Anglia Spec Spindles* (without brake provisions.)

Here's some on the ET 10 Spoke Gasser Wheel:

Here's a PM 12 SPOKE - aluminum 15" performance machine 12 spoke that was for sale with both side adapters for a disc and sprocket:

Here's ARE magnesuim 12 spokes, spindle mount (40 ford spindles):

Here's ET 10 spokes:


12JUN13: also, heard of a PM 10 spoke Cal Mag rear wheel:
- a nice one
- clean from the desert
- no corrosion
- $1275
- Do you want to see photo?
  - email me and I'll check with Craig about...

17JUN13: Here's 12 spoke mags (3"x16" and 2.5"x 19") available [not yet] from W&W:
- W&W will start selling their line of Cannon Ball 12 spokes soon.
- Hubs for juice or disc will also be available.
- W&W website:
  - Custom Aluminum Wheels page:
- CoC (Corrosion Of Conformity: is now a distributor with W&W
- CoC Blogger JeffW will keep "us" informed on when these are ready and pricing...
- source: (scroll down a ways)
- or... more direct link:
submitted by RuslH

22NOV19: Randy asks "Is this what you are looking for ?"
"AMERICAN RACCING" SAN FRANCISCO CALIF" fitted with a 6.00/26.0-15
this could work, looks like it may be a little pitted, but, may polish up just fine...
Do you also have a 18" or 19" mate for that wheel?
submitted by RuslH
... Photo by Randy