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The Raz Report:
Iron Steed Harley-Davidson's
Hot Rods & Harleys Show
~ June 1st, 2014 ~

Thunder Roads Magazine NorCal


I would normally let Stan, owner/publisher of THunder Roads Magazaine NorCal, field a magazine related reply, but, since you emailed me and CC'd Stan, I'll reply. Didn't catch your name, but, next time you see me at an event...


... be sure to introduce yourself and tell me about your rig; I'm bad on names and faces so tell me to write the information down. I also have lived in northern California since 1966...


... but with the exception of a handful of dudes I have ridden with since 1966 that are still above ground, I know only few riders, builders, collectors, exhibitors, racers, and, business owners, even so, I do dig the hell out of riding and going to bike shows, car shows, gun shows, motorcycle races, World Of Outlaws car races and hunting.

Of all the events I cover, the Easyriders show and the Sacramento Mile are the only events (so far) whose management will email me the winners/categories which do become part of the article because, and you make a good point - some folks are curious who won; also, some folks like seeing their stuff in print, however, I'm not comfortable reporting without the "official word" because, being detail oriented, a misspelled name or incorrect bike detail would be totally unacceptable.

So how IS the Raz Report created then? I wander around taking photos of virtually every vehicle there (about 250 photos at ISHD that day), then make a few broad strokes on the keyboard to give the reader an impression of the event, then painstakingly pick a few to send to Stan (picked 13 photos from this event, of which he picked 9).

Your Twin-Cam sidehack rig was not left out on purpose, but, you guessed it, I am real partial to knucks, and, I know, small consolation, but, my wife took a picture of your rig (near the beginning) and I took four (a little over half way down) which are on the following page on my website:

My wife and I have a pair of Saint Bernards so we've been thinking about getting a sidehack again for one of them, in particular, for the puppy on the left.


Thanks and kind regards,
Russell Holder
916-372-6491, Cell 916-715-6140
Thunder Roads Magazine NorCal
Advertising Sales Representative

-------- Original Message --------
Subject:    The Raz Report Iron Steed HD. Hot Rods & Harleysville Show.
Date:       Fri, 26 Sep 2014 14:25:13 -0700
From:       <reader@large>

Hello. Big fan. However I do have my first very legitimate complaint. Being a local 17 member I take great pride in our big annual event. Lived in area since 1966 so I know most of the competitors an do my best to get people involved to put on the best show possible.
      My issue may not be a big deal to you but it is to me. I worked very hard even tho I have the extra disadvantage of being handicapped. I ride the 2002 Road King Classic. Red Over White with the Liberty sidecar that took 1st place for the 2nd time at this event. It is in top running condition an can start up an ride to Sturgis an back without missing a lock in a few minutes notice. I missed last year due to illness but I was back this last summer took 1st again. I was parked next to a beautiful museum piece that had grease all over it. Was pushed out of show an into a trailer. I think it has potential an am a fan of the rich heritage of harley davidson. I know Mike the owner of the red car above mine in the pictures. July 2014 issue Thunder Roads page 28. Is see by your name / knuckleheads forever. Your a big knucklehead fan. However mine was parked right next to it. Next time I think people might want to see the the 1st place bike in a category. Not just your personal preference. I don't have 3 bikes like that guy did an mine runs. Several of his were pushed into his trailer. I rode mine home. Please focus on 1st place bikes next time. Thank you.

2002 Road King
... 2002 Road King

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