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The Advisor

The following adviser articles were supplied to the editor of the River City Harley Riders newsletters; however, the last article in this series, the "Lonely Riders" article, was considered to be "inappropriate," therefore...

                "Clearly, the River City Harley Riders
                have no sense of humor and are therefore
                not worthy of the time and effort expended
                in the preparation of the articles...
                that is all"

... however, if you have something that you would like to inquire inquire about, then feel free to email, and, understand that these articles are, for the most part, tongue-in-cheek...

The Adviser


  1. My Cheating Wife (my oil leak)
  2. Riding High and Low (sthmorthner troubles)
  3. Wanted: Fast Girls (for my fast Harley)
  4. The Bitch Did Not Fall Off (This Bitch Rides Her Own)
  5. Be "One with your bike"
  6. Roadside Repair Jobs
  7. Roadside Repair Jobs - updated
  8. Roadside Repair Jobs for the Gentler Sex
  9. Have Tools Will Travel
  10. "Mate, bring me my brown pants!"
  11. too old?... TOO OLD?!?!?
  12. Cock Grease
  13. Alligators, Crocodiles, Turtles
  14. Crater Face
  15. Be Prepared
  16. Rough Rider, and, Alligators follow-up...
  17. Cautious Rider
  18. Bumfuzzeled Rider
  19. Ho-hum show visitor
  20. Gun shy
  21. Slippery
  22. Younger Than Dirt
  23. Wants to have a BLAST!
  24. Really Rusty
  25. Lonely Riders
  26. This is the end...

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