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~ 06DEC12 ~
26NOV12: The horse is dead...
                         let the beating begin...
If you don't like the way things are gong in the RCHR then CHANGE "IT"
VOTE 4 RAZ at the RCHR December 6 meeting !!!

Howdy all you all,

We have talked about horses before, and, we have talked about the website 
before, but, at the risk of beating a dead horse... I offer the following 
for your consideration...

There was a complete back up of the website at the end of 2011 and provided to the director and historian in January, 2012; this is not something I was asked to do, rather, something I had been doing annually since 2007... just standard operating procedure, and, seemed like the thing to do, so, I did it. In January the board, who represents the club, told me to remove the advertising from the website... I said I could remove it but that deleting the code is much easier creating the code and suggested it may make more sense to have the folks who solicited the original ads to check with the advertisers about renewing their ad before I delete the code... hence the delay in deleting the advertising... apparently a real pisser for the board... but... not near as much of a pisser if I had deleted it and then been asked to re-create it!!!... it was deleted all in due time...

Also in January I was asked to add Riders Hand Signals 
document to the Group Riding Guide... done the same day.

The following day in January I was asked to put the 
revision date as the "version #" for the Constitution 
and Bylaws on the website, viz., November 17, 2010... 
done the same day.
And, early in 2012 I was told "the club" wanted to change the website implementation because nobody else in the club knew enough to maintain the site, and, if the site were modified such that the webmaster did not have to do anything then I would not be "held hostage" by the club to maintain the site. - To that end I was asked to research free WYSIWYG (wiz-e-wig, What-You-See- Is-What-You-Get) editors that would allow the creation of web pages that support each officer's position such that the webmaster would no longer be required to perform updates, e.g., instead of the webmaster posting pictures, the photographer would be able to have a menu driven web based application to allow the uploading, layout and commenting on pictures for a ride. - There was a meeting in February with the director and assistant director to discuss the results of my WYSIWYG research, and, my conclusion was that there were no WYSIWYG editors that gave you what you thought you would get, i.e., what-you-see-is-not-necessarily-what-you-get, and, writing code to implement such a web application would be a huge task, so, no, there was not a simple free solution for their proposed idea that I was aware of. There were the requests to update the Ride-O-Meter which were promptly handled, and requests to fix the occasional discovered bugs which were also promptly handled, and...
- Site Map page enabled.
- Additions for members to the 
  For Sale page.
- RCHR USPS address added to 
  ContactUs page.
- Upload function fixed and 
  available again.
- Previous years hit counts 
  moved to linked page.
- Previous years ride-o-meters 
  moved to linked page.
- Previous years attendance moved 
  to historical page.
In March I completed modifying 
the database to accept longer 
event descriptions, and, 
provided some graphics (and 
instructions for using the 
graphics) to spice up the 
event calendar entries.
In March the board, who represents the club, told me to remove the "Watch Your Six" link at the top of the home page, to which I said that it was a safety notice and I regularly modified the color or font or wording to catch folks attention and keep them aware of the great danger it was linked to, and, I said that I had no problem removing it if there was some other important safety item that I could put in its place. There was nothing supplied and the requests to remove the "Six" notice continued... right along with the "six" incidents on RCHR rides with bikes going down!
WATCH YOUR SIX!... all the time... If this event hasn't changed your intersection habits THEN RE-EXAMINE THIS EVENT! ( click here for the consequences of not watching your six )
SO THERE YOU HAVE IT... and... at the "special board meeting" there were several folks (some not board members) who were all pushed out of shape about the following facts: - although the membership did not ask for the board to modify the website, the board represents/speaks for the membership and the board said change it. - Webmaster failure to do what the board says is against the constitution. - Webmaster would not do what the board said to do. Now, I hope "the board" believes they were acting in what they felt was best for the membership (maybe there was another agenda), but, I stood by and will continue to stand by what I thought was best for the membership. THE BOTTOM LINE... I performed all that was asked EXCEPT I would not remove the "Six" notice because I hoped it would save one of you from a bad situation, and, so, since "the webmaster" would not do what was demanded, "the board," who represents the club, decided to get a contractor to redo the website... and then the "Six" notice would be gone... EXCEPT... when I am elected, count on the "Six" notice being back! And, possibly a requirement of the safety officer to provide a monthly or bi-monthly bullet item of equally grave importance. KF! P.S. for those of you who could not attend the November general meeting, there was a presentation on CLARIFICATION OF MISINFORMATION REGARDING THE WEBSITE which announced that the problem was not that the membership did not like the website although that is the impression the board, which represents the membership, presented to me, and, that it became necessary to hire a contractor because of alllllll the problems with the webmaster not performing as requested by the board, who represents the club, as required by the constitution (see all the things above), following which there were a few comments from members, e.g., an objection to such an important/expensive decision being made without informing the general membership, to which a reiteration of the fact that the board meetings are open to the general membership... hence my platform plank in support of board meeting agendas being sent to the general membership PRIOR to a board meeting so those who want to know more can attend BEFORE it becomes history. When the comments died down I raised my hand to correct some misinformation presented in the misinformation presentation, viz., the following three points. 1) Why I resigned from the board in 2011 - it was stated that I left because of disagreements with the board - not so; do not recall any disagreements with the board in that time frame (besides the board's unwillingness to get Directors and Officers insurance); I resigned from the board for the same reason that I resigned from the board of John A. Sutter Outpost 1841 - LIABILITY... since then the outpost has gotten DNO insurance and I am serving on the board again, w.r.t. RCHR, as 2011 came to an end I became aware of a court case that was ruled on, appealed, ruled on again, appealed again and ruled on again which said that a rider cannot sue for being injured on a group motorcycle ride because riding a motorcycle is inherently dangerous - falls under the primary assumption of risk doctrine, and so I advised the board that I would be willing to resume my position on the board if the board was so inclined - the board was and so I did; note that all during the time that I had resigned and no longer had my name affiliated with RCHR I continued to maintain the website. 2) The meeting in February - it was stated that the meeting was held because of disagreements with the board and how to get items the board wanted done completed - negatory; I do not know why anyone would say it was held because of disagreements with the board, I was aware of none, maybe it was disagreements among other board members, but, the implication was that it was disagreements with the board and me - not so; the meeting was held because of the reasons stated above! 3) The abuse of power when I posted a newsletter article on the website that the editor had refused to include in the newsletter... - true: I sent a webmaster's report to the editor - true: the editor never replied to me that she received it - true: the editor never replied that she was not going to publish it - so, when the editor sent me the newsletter for posting and I realized that my report was missing I just thought the editor never received it or it was an oversight, so, I posted my report in another link with the newsletter... granted I probably should have asked but I didn't... and I have sent reports and articles to the editor since that have been denied publication and that is fine, the editor can publish what ever the editor feels should be published, but, don't say that the editor told me my content was denied and so I posted it anyway when that was not the case. - if you did not see my May 2012 report then check it out... I thought it was funny... maybe I'm just sick... well here is a link to it: So, yes, I posted my report, but, don't accuse me of being told by the editor that my report was unacceptable and posting-it-anyway when that was just - not so. I certainly hope all you all are up to speed now on the website; there is a whole multitude of facts and information that has not been supplied in this email and the previous email of "27OCT12: Webmaster ... what happened?" but if you really still have comments or questions then let's hear them... you may qualify for the Beat A Dead Horse Award!!! Would you like to know more?...

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If you don't like the way things are gong in the RCHR then CHANGE "IT"
VOTE 4 RAZ at the RCHR December 6 meeting !!!
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