Russell Holder  ~  A Brief Bio

Software Engineer (retired)

Unpublished Writer
· 80 page/175 photograph journal of a motorcycle tour of northern California and southern Oregon
· 600 page collection of short stories with many photographs and illustrations

Writing Goals - determine best method, for me, of...
· securing copyrite
· obtaining ISBN
· discovering any publishing/sales killers (CAPITAL LETTERS, colloquial language, excessive images)
· publishing 1, 10, 100, 1000 hard copies of my book
· making published work available for local/national retail brick and mortar store hard copy sales
· making published work available for internet retail hard copy sales
· making published work available for internet retail digital sales

Advertising sales representative for Thunder Roads Magazine NorCal
· The magazine online:
· Advertising layout:

Contributor to Thunder Roads Magazine NorCal
· Contributions:

· Russell "Raz" Holder, West Sacramento, CA (
· Sharon Holder, West Sacramento, CA (
· Sharon Holder/Lyon Real Estate, West Sacramento, CA (
· John A. Sutter E Clampus Vitus® Chapter # 1841, Sacramento, CA (
· Hog Wild Bar-B-Que, Placerville CA (
· Sunset Design Company Tattoo Parlor, Sacramento, CA (
· Mid-Cal Cycle, West Sacramento, CA (
· Slabsides Motorcycle Service, Campbell, CA (
· Bing's Big trucking, LLC, Kingman, AZ (
· Haustyle Custom Motorcycles - Rancho Cordova, CA ( [under construction])

Software Engineer

Twenty-five years' experience in all aspects of software development, including internal and external functional specification, design, programming, testing, configuration management, factory acceptance testing, troubleshooting, installation, user support, system administration, technical writing, training and presentations to customers.

Education (partial listing) / Patents

University of California at Santa Cruz, Bachelor's (w/honors): Math & Computer Science, 1976

One of the four co-patent holders for an amphibious vehicle:
· P/N5,590,617 [ full text ] - land motive device and a marine motive device.
· P/N5,570,653 [ full text ] - wheels are retracted and secured during marine operation.
· P/N5,562,066 [ full text ] - detection of sufficient thrust to . . .

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