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Ministry Services

I, Rusl "Christ" Holder, am an ordained minister, and, if you are so inclined, I can perform a variety of ministry services for you, including a legally binding bond for a bride and groom, biker and a bikerette, clamper and a widder, etc.


Wanna git hitched? Wanna renew your vows? How about a "Biker Wedding!

Picture this: bikes lined up on two sides to form an aisle for the bride and her bridesmaids to walk down. As the bride passes, each bike's engine is revved with all of them making noise when the bride reaches the front. A signal is given to shut the bikes off all at once (or they can be shut down one at a time).

Or, ALL the wedding party enters on bikes, with the exception of the Groom and the Best Man, who ride in first with the minister, and the bride rides in last with a wedding gown modified with a full length slit in the front and back with lace shorts underneath!

Or, seating can be set up in a circle with the bikes surrounding the circle with the bride and groom in the center... ahhh, a circle of love... saa'weeeet.

The bride and groom can write their own vows, or, vows can be written with help from the wedding officient (minister), sample vows: click here.

The officient (minister) will be using phrases like "brothers and sisters in the wind" as well as tongue-in-cheek things like, "shiny side up", "dirty side down", or "the starting fluid of love", and various appropriate quotes from the Harley-Davidson shop manual.

Once the bikers are pronounced husband and wife, the motorcycles are revved up again as the bride and groom walk/ride up the aisle together. Or, after the ceremony, while pictures are being taken, a mini poker run on the way to the reception and then it's PARTY TIME! The winning hand could get the first dance with the bride... after the groom of course.

If you would like to have a biker wedding in your future then contact Rusl Holder at


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