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Go to Breakfast with the Neighbors - 31MAY09

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pic by RuslH ready in W.Sac, Rusl's 04 Herritage Classic and Sharon's 05 Sthmorthner recently outfitted with saddle bags and luggage rack, and the neighbor's, Randall and Dannie... pic by RuslH

...Dannie on her old Softail Custom this weekend (her 09 Ultra Classic (in the gerage) is all clean and we're planning on going down the river road, typically lots of bugs) and Randall on his 04 Road King... pic by RuslH pic by RuslH

lots of moving wildlife on the road, peacocks, momma duck & ducklings, turtle, snake, some not moving, squirls and magpies sleeping on the centerline, Rocky Racoon sleeping next to the fog line

Sharon set the pace to Islton Joe's... eggs over easy & snosage, french toast, shiken fried steak and eggs, scrambled eggs & snosage, and, coffee all around... pic by RuslH pic by RuslH pic by RuslH

4 riders at large on 4 motors for 86.1 miles, 344.4 total miles.


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